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How to Be a Great Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

people eating around a table and passing plates to each other

Welcome back to the blog for The Estates at Briggs Ranch. In our previous post we offered ideas for putting together a unique Thanksgiving menu. Not all of us are the main hosts, though, so today we’re focusing on being a guest every host will love, whether you have dinner in our apartment community with a neighbor or you’re traveling out of San Antonio, TX.

Make plans.

Deciding where to go for Thanksgiving isn’t always an easy decision, but if you communicate kindly, you can find a place you want to be. If you can’t be with family, consider joining or throwing a Friendsgiving. Wherever you’re going, just make sure that you’re expected and you arrive on time.

Offer to help.

As soon as you know where you’re going, offer to contribute a dish or to help in another way that you can. That could mean providing drinks, plates or cutlery, or cleaning up! Just know what the host would like help with the most and be flexible so you can adapt accordingly. And of course, it’s always a good idea to go the extra mile and do more, at the dinner and afterward.

Mind your manners.

Besides just offering to bring something or help out in some way, don’t forget the other details! Ask your host about the level of formality so you can get a feel for how to dress appropriately. Brush up on your dining etiquette, too. Others may not notice or care what fork you’re using, but the details count (especially in handling food!) and contribute to a comfortable environment for everyone. Additionally, be willing to try the food if you don’t have a dietary restriction against it.

Be generous.

If you’re bringing a dish to share, prepare enough to serve at least one helping per person present. If you can, make extra! Even if the second dish isn’t touched, you can always leave it with the host or divvy it out to someone who loved it to spread the cheer. Remember also to be generous in your praise and in general as you socialize.

Good luck! We hope these tips help, no matter what situation you find yourself in this week. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving!