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Last-Minute Gift-Wrapping Tips

a nicely-wrapped gift garnished with fresh greenery
It’s crunch time for your holiday celebrations here in San Antonio, TX! Get wrapping so your gifts are ready to pass out to loved ones. Tackle your piles of gifts by doing it smart. Try the tips in today’s Estates at Briggs Ranch Blog to make this chore more efficient and enjoyable.

Get Organized

Getting organized saves time and money when it comes to wrapping gifts. First, gather everything you need for gift wrapping together in one place. Find a container, such as a cardboard box, a plastic bin, or even a brown paper grocery store bag; and stock it with your supplies: tape, scissors, ribbon, bows, markers, gift bags, gift tags, and of course a selection of tissue paper and wrapping paper. Put these in a clear space with a flat surface to set up your wrapping station.

Measure, Cut, and Wrap  

When it comes to wrapping paper, less is more. Measure the paper so that it is just big enough to wrap your gift. Extra paper gets in the way, adds bulk, and creates a messy looking wrapping job. Use boxes whenever possible! It is so much easier to wrap uniformly sized boxes than odd, squishy shapes. They look nicer, too, as they’re stacked up ready for delivery.

Use Alternate Wrapping Methods

Get creative with your wrapping methods so you can add a bit of personality to your gifts and so you don’t run out of your wrapping paper before you run out of gifts. Use the comics section of a newspaper to wrap. Stock up on gift bags, bows, and even T-shirts, scarves, and pillowcases for clever and easy wrapping.

Set a Pace

Start wrapping now, if you haven’t already, so you’re not overwhelmed the night before you’re supposed to be giving your gifts away. Keep track of the items you’ve bought by creating a master list (working with your shopping lists will help) and marking how you wrapped them and where you placed them.

What are your clever hacks for wrapping gifts efficiently, with or without wrapping paper? Share with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the rest of the year!