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Tips for Meeting Your Neighbors

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Chances are like most Americans, you are more likely to be able to identify your neighbor’s car than to know their first name. Busy schedules and different personalities can make it difficult to get to know members of the apartment community at The Estates at Briggs Ranch.

But forming good relationships can do both parties good! Studies have shown there is a link between knowing and trusting our neighbors and our health. There are advantages, both physically and emotionally, in knowing the people who live around you this year. So try these ideas to get to know your neighbors here in San Antonio, TX:

Take a Walk

Take a stroll through the common areas and say hello to the people you meet. The next time you see them, you will already have a connection. You may even end up starting a walking group! It’s a great way to get fresh air and exercise.

Ask Questions

Whether it’s asking for a restaurant recommendation, for information about where the local recycling center is, or for how to access the Wi-Fi in a common area, asking someone a question opens up a dialogue and the opportunity to get acquainted with little to no pressure.

Participate in Activities

Joining in a shared activity is a great way to meet people in your community and enjoy a hobby. Start a running group, an exercise group, a book club, or a recipe exchange group — or join one if it already exists — for a safe space to bond with people who share your interests.

Offer a Gift

If it’s difficult for you to ask a question or if you don’t have time to participate in community activities, take your neighbor a gift to practice serving while you get to know others. Food joins people together, so a loaf of home-cooked bread, a plate of cookies, a container of fresh fruit, or flowers are simple, easy ways to say “hello”, “nice to meet you”, and “see you again”.

When we know people, we are more likely to trust them, and trust leads to health benefits. One study explained it this way:

“When you believe that your neighbors are generally trustworthy, you’re more likely to interact with them . . . this type of interaction can lift your mood, reduce your stress, and instill a sense of belonging. Those benefits, in turn, have been linked to better health, including a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, digestive complaints, and sleep problems.”

The Estates at Briggs Ranch is a great place to live! Comment and let us know how you got to know your neighbor.